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Real Estate Investment

Nigeria currently has a housing deficit of 17million units. Successive governments have boasted commitment to tackling the challenge of housing deficit in the country, as the importance of housing for citizens cannot be overemphasized. Sadly, there has not been anything to show for it. There has been talks about Nigeria Diaspora Housing Program – Village(s) being developed in various cities of Nigeria which has not taken off

In the midst of all these have been the unfortunate stories of Nigerians in diaspora being swindled when they want to invest in this sector. Please complete the Investment Enquiry form and return to us and we will follow through

At DIBIDA we will ensure that you will not be swindled by pointing you to genuine and trusted land owners and prospectors. Above all, we will help you navigate the Land Administration requirements of Federal and State Governments.


Source: Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission 

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