About us

Diaspora Business Investment Development Advisory (DIBIDA) is a non-governmental organization (limited by guarantee), established with UK funding to provide a credible, most reliable and trusted platform for Nigerians in diaspora and foreign nationals to benefit from enormous business and investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Being an organisation not driven by profit, DIBIDA will ensure that nobody takes advantage of these investors. Instead, these investors will be given all the support they will need and shown how to exploit investment opportunities in Nigeria, matching investment opportunities with their financial capabilities and engaging in enterprise development activities. We will furnish them with accurate information they require, assist them to register their business, help them to source affordable accommodation and office space, introduce and link them up with appropriate networks to support the development of entrepreneurial ideas, gather and share intelligence on safe investment options based on the investor’s risk appetite amongst others.

On the whole, DIBIDA intends to provide access to high-quality business support, investment opportunities and serve as an enabling platform for setting up and running successful businesses in Nigeria.

According to the World Bank report, about 15 million Diasporian Nigerians remit over $35bn each year to the country. The challenge, therefore is how to channel a good chunk of these remittances into successful economic and productive activities to launch Nigeria into the comity of developed economies.

DIBIDA was founded by Diaspora Nigerians from the USA, UK and Asia, who have substantial experience of both sides, Nigeria and overseas. DIBIDA is established within an academic institution, Abuja Graduate School, where its policies, processes and procedures are critically analysed before implementation. Based in Nigeria’s Federal Capital City of Abuja, DIBIDA has access to policy makers, foreign embassies and international development partners who have links with foreign investors and Nigerians in diaspora.

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